Available Now: “Land of 4 Corners” CD-R (Tape Drift Records)

luciernaga_lo4c LUCIERNAGA Land of 4 Corners CD-R
First Tape Drift outing from Luciernaga, the alias of Joao Da Silva, founder and co-owner of Fabrica Records. This new disc follows in the footsteps of the excellent “Plays Propaganda Songs” cd on Fabrica, and a series of self-released cassettes. In Mapudungun, the language of the Mapuche people of Chile and Argentina, Meli Wixan Mapu translates as “Land of Four Corners.” And so begins the journey… Taking its title from an essential concept within Mapuche cosmology, on “Land of Four Corners” Luciernaga attempts to capture, through dense and hazy dream-like pieces, the scents, sounds and emotions experienced through travel (both real and imagined) in the “four corners” of the world. The sounds make their way from the meditative ambience of processed voices and multi-layered festive ceremonial drumming to ominous and somber drones. It all ends at dusk, looking to the West… a harsh and confused place. Land of Four Corners was created using voice, shruti box, am/fm radio, and heavily processed, distorted and manipulated field recordings made throughout New York, Istanbul and Santiago de Chile. Luciernaga’s music carries the listener to foreboding and dark places, but always with a calm and assured sense of dignity. Mastered for CD by Eric Hardiman.

Available for purchase at – http://www.tapedrift.com