Collected Works: 2008-2013 CD


“Collected Works: 2008-2013” includes compositions selected from the first four and now out-of-print Luciernaga cassettes plus unreleased material. The photographs used to decorate the insert and tray card of the CD were taken around the Gowanus neighborhood the day after Superstorm Sandy and serve as a tribute to the section of Brooklyn where both Fabrica and Luciernaga were born.

Luciernaga’s music has been described as more surreal than ethereal, dark and somber. Luciernaga tends to bypass melody in favor of complex layers of sounds and textures created through processed field recordings, treated acoustic/electric guitar, buddha machine, tibetan signing bowl, shruti box, mbira and voice.

Fabrica Records was born with the release of “Life Passes Away Like Idle Chatter” by Luciernaga. A limited edition of 100 home-dubbed 44 minute long cassettes, with hand-painted covers (including an excerpt from an Octavio Paz poem on the flap) and labels, containing a collection of field recordings, tape loops, treated acoustic and electric guitar, synth drones, and sampled dialogues from a documentary on the history of U.S. interventions in Latin America recorded over a 2-year period. At that time, Fabrica was just one guy recording and dubbing tapes from his overpriced shithole of an apartment in the Gowanus section of Brooklyn, NY.luciernagacd_layout

“Life Passes…” opened the doors for Fabrica, introducing the label to fellow experimental/noise music obsessives, independent label heads, and a wide variety of amazing and talented weirdoes.

Therefore, it’s only fitting that we designate the “005” catalog number to a release that compiles tracks from Luciernaga’s 5 years of making music.

On January 11, 2014 Luciernaga performed for the first time in Santiago, Chile (since emigrating to the USA in 2006) with long-time friends and fellow Fabrica recording artists A Full Cosmic Sound. This CD compilation was put together for this performance and will be available first in Santiago, Chile and then in the U.S. after January 14.

Mastered by Eric Hardiman (Rambutan/Tape Drift)


Click here to read a review of “Collected Works: 2008-2013”


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