New Release: To The Centre Of The City In The Night C-50

LUCIERNAGATo The Centre Of The City In The Night C-50 (Invisible City Records)
cover​”Representing a darker, grittier side to his music than the recently released ‘Tile’ series, Luciernaga presents us with five slabs of beautifully crafted drone to become entranced by. Using guitar, synth and voice to their maximum potential, we are faced with a nuanced pallete of sound and textures to experience. With each listen comes a new discovery. Every minor detail becomes amplified as the recordings move from subtle ambience to industrial roar. This release demands headphones on and full concentration for ultimate enjoyment and escapism.”
Hand dubbed C50 cassette. Black and white double sided artwork. Limited to 50 copies.
Mastered by Eric Hardiman (Rambutan/Tape Drift/Burnt Hills)

Cassette Price – £4.50 / Download – Name Your Price. Order Here.