Serpentine Pt. III – Live At The Tarot Society

luciThis was my third and last live performance doing a variation of the same song/theme. Serpentine Pt I and Pt II of this track appeared in “Tile II“. This is from a live room recording from an August 23, 2015 show at the Tarot Society in Brooklyn. The other performers that evening were Ariadne and Octonomy.

While waiting so do my set, I was the opener, my partner and I were sitting at a small round table outside the venue and one of the Tarot Society staff members, not knowing that I was performing that night, asked if I would like a reading. I had to decline due to time constraints so she then asked if I wanted to just pick one card before I played. I agreed and so she spread the cards over the table and I picked up the card that I felt most drawn to. I picked it up and without looking at its reverse handed it over to her. She turned it over and told me it was “The Hermit”, hence the image I used for this track.


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