New Album & Limited Edition Cassette

I’ve recorded and will release a new digital album and limited edition cassette on 2/6/18. It’s titled It Takes Strength To Be Gentle And Kind and I’m pretty happy about it.

I recorded most of the music during the last two weeks and I tried to challenge myself a bit by using other instruments other than the guitar. Some tracks do include guitar but I also used a kalimba, voice, a tar drum (contact mic’ed), electric toothbrush, a korg minilogue, bowed slide guitar, recordings of me tapping on my desk, etc.

Also, my first performance of 2018 will take place at Trans-Pecos (Ridgewood, Queens) on February 25, 2018 opening for Drekka, Ariadne and Mark Trecka of Pillars and Tongues.  No other plans for 2018 so far.

If you are in the NYC area please come out for the show. Facebook event here, tickets can be bought here.

Thank you for your time and support.


J. Da Silva/Luciernaga


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