It Takes Strength To Be Gentle And Kind C-40 (Self-Released)
Available here.

Tile III C-40 (Self-Released)
Available here.

Rah Materials E.P. (Self-Released)
– Deleted –

Sic Transit Gloria C-40 (Etcs Recs)
Compositions about my family and hometown – Santiago, Chile and their complicated history. Instruments used – guitar & autoharp. Dedicated to my blood and non-blood family in Chile.
Limited to 50 copies.
Available to purchase (Chile) physical here and digital here.

To The Centre of The City In The Night C-50 (Invisible City)
“Representing a darker, grittier side to his music than the recently released ‘Tile’ series, Luciernaga presents us with five slabs of beautifully crafted drone to become entranced by. Using guitar, synth and voice to their maximum potential, we are faced with a nuanced pallete of sound and textures to experience. With each listen comes a new discovery. Every minor detail becomes amplified as the recordings move from subtle ambience to industrial roar . This release demands headphones on and full concentration for ultimate enjoyment and escapism.”
Hand dubbed C50 cassette. Black and white double sided artwork.
Limited to 50 copies.
Available to purchase (UK) here and here.

Tile II C-30 (Idle Chatter)
“Joao M. Da Silva, aka Luciernaga and the proprietor of the now dormant Fabrica Records imprint in New York, unveiled a new installment in his wonderful Tile cassette series last week! Take a look at both installments on Bandcamp and you’ll understand why the series is so named: each release, in its all-over paper wrapper, could be a sliver of the most pristine decorations from any mihrab or saray. The latest, Tile II, is a relaxing counterpoint to the more noisey collage of its predecessor, though both heavily involve the use of loops and singing bowl. The opener “Morning Raga” is an easy threshold to cross, leading the way to a more gripping trance state, and ending with a fourteen-minute loop on the B-side. ” – secretdecoder.net
Limited edition of 20 home-dubbed casettes packaged in printed and hand-numbered brad-pack. First release on Fabrica Records partner label called Idle Chatter.
Available to purchase (digital only) here.

Tile C-47 (Idle Chatter)
“Tile, an extremely limited cassette that is also available digitally, is surprisingly well documented given its ambiguous nature, with instrumentation spelled out explicitly in the packaging. Rapidly recorded and produced, the result has far more depth than its intentionally unedited and impulsive creation would lead me to believe.
The first side of the tape is the more complex one. Built from variously configured guitars, bowed metal, and a Tibetan prayer bowl, Da Silva opens the piece blending deep swells of blackened dungeon noise with pristine silence. Focusing more on the higher frequencies, the metal scrapes are appropriately creepy and ghostly. He then introduces in the guitar, a blurry haze of notes that do not hide the instrumentation.
He slowly fills the mix in more from here, first with a noisier passage of guitar that adds in a perfect amount of crunch and distortion. Eventually the guitar is replaced with the feedback like tones of the prayer bowl and mournful guitar noise. The other half of Tile is a bit less accessible, consisting of a single second and a half loop of shruti box repeated for over 22 minutes, recorded with the stated purpose of aiding in meditation. It has a flowing, sad melodic flow to sound that helps make its repetitive nature feel more varied than it is.” – Brainwashed.com
Limited edition of 20 home-dubbed casettes packaged in printed and hand-numbered brad-pack. First release on Fabrica Records partner label called Idle Chatter.
Available to purchase (digital only) here.

Luciernaga/La Mancha del Pecado – Split C-30 (Fabrica Records)
Brooklyn’s (via Chile) Luciernaga and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico’s La Mancha del Pecado join forces again after their last, and very limited edition. split tape from 2010. Luciernaga is Joao Da Silva, half-owner of Fabrica Records and La Mancha is Miguel Perez who also has hands in Agorafobia Tapes, and musical projects ZN, Colectivo N, Skull Mask, and Wehrmacht Lombardo.
On this new offering of magnetic tape, each project contributes side-long brooding drones. The sounds echo the early days of pre-dance-beats industrial music, therefore, the packaging is a tribute to one of the pioneering acts and first record labels of this genre.
Pro-dubbed edition of 50 audio cassettes packaged in a 5″ x 5″ reel-to-reel box.
Available to purchase here.

“COLLECTED WORKS: 2008-2013” CD (Fabrica Records) 2013
Fabrica Records was born with the release of “Life Passes Away Like Idle Chatter” by Luciernaga. A limited edition of 100 home-dubbed 44 minute long cassettes, with hand-painted covers (including an excerpt from an Octavio Paz poem on the flap) and labels, containing a collection of field recordings, tape loops, treated acoustic and electric guitar, synth drones, and sampled dialogues from a documentary on the history of U.S. interventions in Latin America recorded over a 2-year period. At that time, Fabrica was just one guy recording and dubbing tapes from his apartment in the Gowanus section of Brooklyn, NY. “Life Passes…” opened the doors for Fabrica, introducing the label to fellow experimental/noise music obsessives, independent label heads, and a wide variety of amazing and talented weirdos. Therefore, it’s only fitting that we designate the “005” catalog number to a release that compiles tracks from Luciernaga’s 5 years of making music.

“Collected Works” includes compositions selected from the first four and now out-of-print Luciernaga cassettes plus unreleased material. The photographs used to decorate the insert and tray card of the CD were taken around the Gowanus neighborhood the day after Superstorm Sandy and serve as a tribute to the section of Brooklyn where both Fabrica and Luciernaga were born.

Available to purchase here.

“Land of 4 Corners” CD-R (Tape Drift) 2013
First Tape Drift outing from Luciernaga, the alias of Joao Da Silva, founder and co-owner of Fabrica Records. This new disc follows in the footsteps of the excellent “Plays Propaganda Songs” cd on Fabrica, and a series of self-released cassettes. In Mapudungun, the language of the Mapuche people of Chile and Argentina, Meli Wixan Mapu translates as “Land of Four Corners.” And so begins the journey… Taking its title from an essential concept within Mapuche cosmology, on “Land of Four Corners” Luciernaga attempts to capture, through dense and hazy dream-like pieces, the scents, sounds and emotions experienced through travel (both real and imagined) in the “four corners” of the world. The sounds make their way from the meditative ambience of processed voices and multi-layered festive ceremonial drumming to ominous and somber drones. It all ends at dusk, looking to the West… a harsh and confused place. Land of Four Corners was created using voice, shruti box, am/fm radio, and heavily processed, distorted and manipulated field recordings made throughout New York, Istanbul and Santiago de Chile. Luciernaga’s music carries the listener to foreboding and dark places, but always with a calm and assured sense of dignity. Mastered for CD by Eric Hardiman.
Available to purchase – here.

“Plays Propaganda Songs” CD-R (Fabrica) 2012                                                       Each CD comes in an hand-stamped and hand-numbered 100% PCW recycled chipboard arigato pak, with full-color art on the front an back, and each copy includes a different card with Islamic art on one side and a section from the “Mathnavi”, an extensive poem written in Persian by Jalal al-Din Muhammad Rumi, the celebrated Persian Sufi saint and poet, on the other. Limited edition of 50 hand-numbered copies. Available to purchase (digital only) – here.

Insect Factory/Luciernaga – Split C-80 (Fabrica) 2012
Limited edition of 50 pro-dubbed high bias chrome cassette. Packaged in printed 5″x 5″ reel-to-reel box.
Available to purchase (digital only) – here.

“s/t” C-47 (Fabrica) 2011
Edition of 30 cassettes on home-dubbed C-47 white shell cassettes packaged in lino-cut printed and hand-stamped 18pt. brown 100% PCW recycled chipboard brad pack. SOLD OUT

La Mancha Del Pecado/Luciernaga – Split C- 20 (Ruido Latino) 2010
Released as part of a series of split cassettes celebrating Ruido Latino’s anniversary. This was Tape 1 in the “Black Tapes” series and was released in a limited edition of 16. SOLD OUT

 “Life Passes Away Like Idle Chatter” C-44 (Fabrica) 2010
Recorded over a three year period (2008-2010) which include field recordings, samples, performances on acoustic and electric guitar, keyboards and various effects. Edition of 100. First 50 copies had hand-painted covers in blue and red watercolors. 20 copies were hand-numbered and hand-stamped. 50 remaining copies came with printed covers on red, orange and white card stock. All copies had hand-painted labels. SOLD OUT
This release can downloaded for free in its entirety, here.

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