New Release: Sic Transit Gloria

LUC_comingsoonI have a new album out which is now available on bandcamp and will soon be available on audio cassette via Santiago, Chile-based cassette label Etcs Recs. The cassette edition will be limited to 50 copies and I’ve put my personal copies up for pre-order on my bandcamp as well. I expect to have them in 4-6 weeks. I’m very happy with how this one turned out. The sounds and song titles are references to my motherland: Chile, and its turbulent past. On these recordings I used guitar and autoharp. Thank you.

“Sic Transit Gloria” can be streamed, downloaded, bought and/or stolen here


Live #1 CD-R

cdrI’ve started making limited edition CD-Rs with hand-made packaging containing live recordings available at live performances for $3 each. The first one, in an ongoing series I’ll be doing for a while, was made available at my last show at Prospect Range in Brooklyn. Live #1 CD-R was a first edition of 10 and the copies leftover from the show were made available a day later on my Bandcamp page. Thankfully, there are more than 10 people who listen so the first edition sold out pretty quickly. I will be making another edition of the same CD-R available at my next two performances: here in Brooklyn on 11/21 and then for a 12/27 show in Oakland, CA (my first time performing on the West Coast).  As always, the music can be downloaded for free, or for “pay what you want”. The payments you make help me out a lot. They help me with materials and with being able to continue doing what I’m doing. Thank you.

V/A YOU ARE WELCOME HERE – An Exp/Noise Compilation to Benefit Refugees

Luciernaga contributed “Mediterranean Suite” an exclusive track to V/A “You Are Welcome Here” a 28 track experimental/noise digital compilation that I helped curate (I run the Fabrica Records label).

“‘You Are Welcome Here’ is an experimental music compilation benefitting refugees of war. All of the 28 artists involved donated an unreleased composition, which is not available anywhere else.

All funds raised from purchases of this album will be donated to the International Rescue Committee to help support their work providing immediate assistance to refugees in Europe, including Greece, and to displaced people in Iraq, Yemen, and in other crisis zones around the world.

We want anyone and everyone to be able to download this compilation but please consider making a suggested donation of $5.00 or more. ”


Serpentine Pt. III – Live At The Tarot Society

luciThis was my third and last live performance doing a variation of the same song/theme. Serpentine Pt I and Pt II of this track appeared in “Tile II“. This is from a live room recording from an August 23, 2015 show at the Tarot Society in Brooklyn. The other performers that evening were Ariadne and Octonomy.

While waiting so do my set, I was the opener, my partner and I were sitting at a small round table outside the venue and one of the Tarot Society staff members, not knowing that I was performing that night, asked if I would like a reading. I had to decline due to time constraints so she then asked if I wanted to just pick one card before I played. I agreed and so she spread the cards over the table and I picked up the card that I felt most drawn to. I picked it up and without looking at its reverse handed it over to her. She turned it over and told me it was “The Hermit”, hence the image I used for this track.

Pre-Order: Luciernaga “Sleeping/Wandering” 7″ EP Limited Edition

7I’m planning on pressing up a limited edition 7″ EP with extended/alternate versions of the tracks “Sleeping Green-Eyed Girl” (from the “To The Centre…” cassette on Invisible City) and “Wandering June” (from the “Tile II” cassette). These 7″s will be in a one-time hand-numbered edition of 100 copies with hand-made covers. There will be four different variants of the album cover using a different photograph.

Pre-orders will end on 9/1/2015 with the records expected to become available early December 2015. Only 90 copies will be available to the public.

You can pre-order the 7″ here for $7.00 + S/H here

You can preview the original versions of both tracks here
Sleeping Green-Eyed Girl –
Wandering June –

I’ve also created a promo video for “Sleeping Green-Eyed…” which can be viewed here –

Thank you (whether you do or do not order) your time, your ears and your support are very much appreciated.

Peace be with you,

Joao M. Da Silva/ Luciernaga